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“We have a problem, Houston”

Quit taking so much

With population just growing more and more and people demanding more and more, there is too much pressure on the environment. The arrogance of some people’s sense of entitlement, when they have spent their lives trying to deny other people the same, is too ironic in the face of these disasters, the hurricanes in the U.S., particularly. The truth is, the poor will suffer the most (from the hurricanes, earthquakes, or fires), and will have lost the most, and have their lives changed the most, while others demand compensation and get it, at the cost of all. The cost to the environment is going to be huge. With millions of acres of forest destroyed by fires, building materials for earthquake and hurricane damage is going to stress resources even more. It isn’t fire suppression that caused the forest fires, but logging practices that wiped out old, moist forests, and caused brushy, drier, smaller specie trees to grow, plus the climate change from people’s high energy use. You could say that those people sitting in their cars, idling the engines, while they’re on their phones, have caused both the forest fires and the hurricanes, since both are affected by climate change. But, now it’s not the time for North Americans to fight over resources and grab the most for themselves. Now, more than ever, people must come down from their affluence and give help to those who have been affected by poverty and their lives reduced to rubble.

How do YOU pollute?

1) vehicle — excessive use, idling while using phone.

2) herbicides — trying to get rid of dandelions – just mow, or make dandelion wine and eat the greens!

3) pesticides — including insect spray, ant traps, rodent bait, etc.)

4) lawn fertilizers — it doesn’t have to be unnaturally green!

5) fragrance, perfume — including obnoxious natural ones like lavender and patchouli.

6) bleach

7) toxic household cleaners — like, oven cleaners, 409 (7th generation makes a better, unscented version)

8) air “fresheners” — what an oxymoron!

9) paints — fumes

10) solvent fumes

11) wrongful disposal of toxic products

12) litter — especially including cigarette butts and beer cans!

13) cigarette smoke

14) neglecting to bury one’s feces and toilet paper when out in the woods or desert.

15) using handi-wipes for toilet paper in the woods or desert. They are made of polyester and won’t decompose.

16) wood burning smoke — including campfires

17) running a generator

18) excessive energy use (gas, electric, propane) — reduce use!

19) non- compostable, non- biodegradable GARBAGE

20) industry — buying products of big, industry polluters, including nonorganic foods.

How one should live

And, if you’re rich, there is no excuse!

1) eat only organically grown food, mostly local

2) minimize imported food and buy only Fair Trade organic

3) reduce use — buy less – you don’t need it

4) re-use — those clothes and cell phone could last years longer

5) recycle EVERYTHING you can — old clothes to the 2nd hand store, plus the usual cans, paper, cardboard, glass, etc.

6) drive less. Don’t idle your car! Use a more energy efficient vehicle. Reduce motorized use, including ATVs, power boats, etc.

7) use energy efficiency in the home — turn down the heat and use less AC. Use shades and insulation to keep house cooler and warmer. Use better lighting. There’s tons of booklets and info on this. Ditto the work place.

8) use solar and/or wind power

9) don’t use those little plastic cup, single serving coffee makers! How wasteful! Use reusable filters (metal mesh or fabric), or use a French press, or make cold brew in a jar, in advance. When the grounds settle, it’s ready, then carefully pour off and heat or not.


10) Don’t use herbicides or pesticides 

11) Don’t use fragrance

12) Don’t smoke!

13) Don’t litter, not even cigarette butts ( DON’T smoke! )

14) Don’t make campfires

15) Don’t  use ATVs, motorboats, jet skis, dirt bikes, etc. for recreation — walk, paddle, row, ski, swim instead

16) use natural, unscented cleaners and products

17) use birth control — 0-1 child per couple, now!

18) use less tree paper products, especially for disposables.

I know, it’s hard and one gets stuck in preferences. But, it is good to try new things and you may have a new preference — local Gingergold apples instead of Granny Smith’s, grown thousands of miles away. And, no one is going to give up coffee, tea, or chocolate! Not even me! Besides, if bought organic and fair trade, it helps local people in countries that don’t have much economy. And do they want lots of economy? Big polluting factories, long hours away from home, and money to buy useless junk or pay taxes to rich politicans who don’t deserve it and just make their money off the backs of the laborers?

And when traveling, it’s very hard. Some places don’t have much local food — the desert, for instance. But, down by Yuma, AZ, there’s broccoli, cabbage, dates, oranges. Usually, Snowbirds buy lots of that stuff when they get there. And, it’s fun to try cactus jelly or nopales, at least once. But, finding something to eat quick along the way is hard. I ate at a Taco Time and it was the worst Mexican food I’ve ever had, even worse than Taco Bell or Taco John’s. And, it makes your pee stink, your poop stink, your breath and sweat stink. No wonder people use so much perfumy products! The food they eat makes them stink! I gave most of my burrito to my dog and then she stank! (I buy good food for my dog — then she is healthy and doesn’t stink.) But, with organic food available in most grocery stores at not too outrageous prices, one can eat organic peanut butter or cheese and fruits along the way, along with fair trade chocolate.

It’s worth it to make an effort, to make an improvement on your lifestyle. If everyone stopped idling their car while on their dam (as in plugging up the stream, not as a swear word πŸ˜‰ ) phone, the reduction in emissions and pollution would be amazing! If everyone ate some — one or two things — of local food, local economy would improve immensely, without giving your money to the people who have way too much already! If every wealthy person reduced their conspicuous consumption and gave more to charity, we’d have a lot better world. And, if everyone reduced tree product use, maybe we wouldn’t be losing our forests as fast as we are.

It’s what you do that counts

​It’s not what people say or believe that counts, but what they DO. All kinds of people say they believe in nature conservation, yet live wasteful, materialistic lives, never buy organic, and use toxins, etc.

Cows on public land

Quite frankly, there should be NO cows on public land. Those days are over and gone along with the grass. Cows have been responsible for most of the noxious weeds. Cows have pretty much destroyed the Southwest. It isn’t even feasible to raise cows south of Idaho in the west! I eat beef, but not much, and I’m against wolf killing and wild mustang removal. It’s better if people raise just a few head of cattle for personal and local use. A few goats, pigs or chickens can be raised, too. These animals eat anything you’d want to compost. I love goat tacos or birria! We’ve traveled south, again, and every year, the lands look worse and worse — depleted!