Methane, deforestation, and population

People don’t want to eat beef because of deforestation to create range land, and that’s right. And, they don’t want to eat beef because of the chemical way they are raised, including pesticide and herbicide use, and that is right. And, they don’t want to eat beef because cows emit methane which contribute to global warming, but, with nearly 8 billion people, we also contribute to global warming, not just by farts and breathing, but by burning fuels for heating, cooking, and transportation, and by industry which pollutes and creates products we really don’t need.

It isn’t just about plastics or no plastics — using paper and cardboard is just as bad. Paper and cardboard might recycle or decompose easier, but the loss of trees is probably worse than the benefits. It’s best not to use either at all! There are the compostable plastics made out of corn or potatoes. They do decompose, but I wonder in what form. I stuck a fork in the ground with the handle out and the bottom half did decompose, but I wonder if polymer compounds were still there.

First off, economy — human economy has gotten out of control. The more you buy, the more you make others rich! Why not save your money instead? The government will get their “share” anyway, and you can demand that it be used to benefit society and not just some special sector or overpaid politicians.

Second, if everyone simplified their eating habits, buying locally and using less packaged products, you could avoid contributing to excessive garbage and deforestation. Avoid buying products with palm oil since this product is a cause of deforestation. Also, it’s better to buy local organic food because big companies are cutting forests to get immediate organic certification! It’s outrageous how people pervert every thing for profit! And do they need that much profit? NO! They are just going to buy junk, use vehicles recreationally, create excessive garbage and pollution!!!

Third, birth control, people, USE it!!!!

If we eliminate all the natural sources of global warming, such as animals and ponds and organic farming, but refuse to eliminate the unnatural ones, like factories and vehicle exhaust and chemical farming, then we will just create a world where natural gasses cannot transform naturally and can cause atmospheric problems. When the world heats up, water will evaporate and excessive hydrogen could build up in the atmosphere — a potentially explosive problem. And, without forests to consume our CO2 and convert it back to oxygen that we can breathe, oxygen may be depleted in the air, bound up by other elements or vanishing in outer space through the holes in the ozone layer.

I wrote this blog last year and forgot to post it. Anyway, it’s still relevant. And, I think it is ok to eat beef — better than hunting wild animals. Yet, it’s the beef you eat that counts — local, organically grown not on public land not on newly deforested land. If someone feels that killing their own meat is important, they can get a cow, raise it and then kill it, rather than shoot a wild animal from a non-personal distance. And if they can’t do that because they live in town, perhaps we can have community service farms where one can have their meat grown for them for a fee and kill it themselves, or not (have someone else kill and butcher it for you). There must be some sustainable way to raise meat and not deplete wild populations of animals, even in the U.S. west where people erroneously think they are still plentiful.

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