Fool’s Gold is now “green” gold

I guess there is just one more thing to say, in this never ending saga of human exploitation, over-population, greed, and environmental destruction.

The “green” movement has just become another advertising campaign and product design market. There’s no more conscientiousness there than in the regular, earth destroying market. Wild lands are decimated and planted with products such as palm oil trees or vegetables and fruits in order to get instant “organic” status. Wild plants and native plants or animals are harvested to feed a “natural” market. Advertising uses words like “wildly natural” when the product is no such thing. Developers are destroying wild or natural places to build “natural” developments that aren’t natural and use the same toxic, resource depleting building supplies as always, with the same gross, over-use of energy requirements (air conditioners, electric gadgets, golf courses, etc.). Companies or rich people can buy “eco credits” from more conscientious sources and feel good and continue their polluting. Hunters feel self-righteous because they are killing “natural” food and taking responsibility for killing their own food when human over-population (and mis-management) has reduced and destroyed more wildlands and wildlife than ever.

There’s been a fairly long tradition of destroying something and taking its name — “Elk Meadows” or “Ponderosa Heights” for example — or just taking a “natural” product name, like Moose Drool beer. Now, you may protest that, but I just saw a Moose Drool aluminum beer can tossed in the woods. Is it better to let nature “compost” an aluminum can and mine more aluminum and, hence, destroy more nature, or recycle it even if recycling creates pollution? Because EVERYTHING you do creates pollution. But, it is important to make the right choices.

This photo is from this summer from a U.S. Forest Service burn that took place 9 years ago! It is still completely dead, nothing growing there, whereas before, there were green plants, mushrooms, mycelium, etc.

It totally appalls me that the human race could take something as sacred and special as wild lands and wild animals and turn it into a marketing ploy to make their millions. Why can’t humans be as intelligent as they purport themselves to be, instead of, merely, arrogant, greedy, selfish, destructive, short-sighted, and apathetic? There’s the same old, age-old human problems of territory, wars, murders, etc. that there has always been, since the first humans walked upright and picked up a stone to kill with. But, that will never change.

The real world of nature is truly wonderful and the animals in it are far more enlightened and fair than humans will ever be. There is amazing compassion and fairness in, for example, bears’ society than most people will ever acknowledge, or, in a kinglet’s determination to nest despite the Forest Service’s useless, destructive burning (destroys food for birds, bears and elk, as well as destroys native nesting birds). Bears have rules, but they adhere to them, unlike humans who say “rules are for others”. If you feed a bear, they will expect to be fed again, so don’t start, intentionally or unintentionally. It’s important for those living in or next to the woods to make the right choices, also.

Whatever happened to ” Reduce, Re-use, Recycle”? Only that and population control will create a sustainable world that, also, allows wild lands and wild animals to mind their own business without exploitation or decimation by humans. “But, it isn’t good for the economy!” However, the plans to get everybody spending more is unsustainable and stupid! It’s done more damage than before. We know the rich are all for you spending your hard earned money in order to perpetuate their billionaire status. In the 1970’s there was an energy crisis and the U.S. government asked people to conserve and THEY DID and it was sucessful. But, the energy companies and dividend holders complained because they weren’t making enough profit to keep on being so excessively wealthly, so the Government helped them and let them screw us over, raising prices.

So, it can be done on one level — reduce, re-use, recycle (reduce population, too, by birth control). But, it will take a revolution, I suppose. I’m not for communism, though. That kind of revolution won’t work. Humans will never be enlightened enough for that. I think, first, economists must figure out a true, environmentally enlightened economy. Then, technology must be used to make things better for people without decimating the environment nor depleting any more wild lands. It should not be the unsustainable, planned obsolescence, junk market, instant gratification, greedy materialist economy it is now.

“Fool’s gold is stacked up all around him, from a killing in the market from the war. The children left the Midas as they found him, in his counting house where nothing counts but more.” — (song “The Door into Summer” by Chip Douglas/Bill Martin, done by The Monkees, 1967, with Mike Nesmith lead singing.)

Nothing ever changes, does it? Except it does. Careless forest fires have devastated thousands of acres that may take a hundred years to become a mature forest again, or never. Overpopulation developments destroy forever elk winter habitats. Logging in migrating songbirds’ winter forests reduces population permanently or even to extinction. Looking at Google earth, I can see that half or more of the forest is gone through logging, thinning, burning, and clearcuts. In the U.S., even though it is still public land, it is not much forest.

But, you don’t care. You feel that humans are more important. Well, I need wild animals for neighbors. A simple lifestyle in the U.S. is, ironically, too costly, if one needs, truly needs, for company and happiness, birds and trees and animals, not for exploitation, if one needs nature. But, that’s all due to the greed economy and overpopulation. Even in town, people can live a less consumerist life. Technology should be used to make life easier without depleting the environment. I think people are happier if they actually talk to each other than a device. The human interaction of a smile or a look of enjoyment of your company can’t be replaced with emoticons.

But, you still feel that humans are more important. However, others are not important for everybody except for how you serve their needs, unfortunately. Wild animals and wild lands are important to have as a place to go, not to cut trees, nor hunt and kill, but to become human again when the games and “bull” of people presses in. But, many people are afraid of nature — still, that’s no reason to destroy it for others or for the animals whose home it is. And the animals and trees and wild lands are important as biodiversity and environmental buffers (half the land should be wild and natural) against the destructive and polluting forces that human society will always create even if it can manage peace on earth, sustainable non-polluting economies, etc. Cities are a blight and always will be, but the subdivisions and any human household is just as bad, now — each home a little, permanent, toxic dump site and nature destroying energy suck-hole, even with so many “green” and “natural” products used! The ones who can afford to live in nature build ridiculous, resource depleting, over-done, conspicuous consumption, nature alterating “mansions” and they fool themselves into believing that they are “helping” the planet and living “natural”.

And, I have not okayed advertisement on my blog.

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