Fragrance free list


Laundry Soap:

Tide Free & Clear

All Free & Clear

Kirkland Free & Clear

Seventh Generation Free & Clear

J.R.Watkin’s liquid laundry soap — Fragrance Free

Fabric Softener:

Do not use, or use an unscented, natural kind from a natural foods market.

Dryer Sheet:

Do not use, not even unscented ones from grocery stores as they are full of chemicals.


Occasionally, one may want to use bleach. Use only the unscented ones as the scented ones do not negate the fact that you are using bleach. One can try Hydrogen Peroxide instead of bleach.

Dish Soap:

Seventh Generation Free & Clear (unscented) dish soap

Ecover, chamomile & marigold (do not use the lemon scent as it is too strong). One will have to check around for unscented machine dish soaps, as I only wash dishes by hand.

Hand Soap, liquid:

Dr. Bronner’s unscented Baby castile soap

Note: most other unscented soaps will have lots of other chemicals and preservatives in them.

Bar Soap:

Dove Unscented

Tom’s of Maine chamomile

Unscented homemade soap from local crafters — make sure the soap is kept separate from the scented ones they offer.

Hand/Body Lotion:

Many brands are available in grocery/drug stores, but these may have masking fragrance or allergenic preservatives.

St. Ive’s Intensive Healing lotion, fragrance- free

Eucerin, Fragrance free

Dessert Essence “Organics”, fragrance- free

Everyday Shea Unscented lotion

365 Fragrance Free lotion

Trader Joe’s: A Midsummer Night’s Creme, unscented with aloe


The most difficult to find. None are available in regular stores. Many in natural food stores are harsh, either because of preservatives or because they have no conditioning ingredients in order to keep product “pure” — in essence, they are pure detergents and one may as well use dish soap or castile soap. At the Whole Foods Market, one can find:

Everyday Shea Unscented shampoo & conditioners

365 Fragrance Free shampoo & conditioner

I use an all natural, preservative free shampoo made for dogs from EarthBath. I use the Mango Tango. It leaves my hair soft and tangle-free. The other ones, with tea tree or eucalyptus are too scented for people with allergies.

Tropiclean hypoallergenic dog/puppy shampoo — truly natural and it cleans!! Made with coconut.

Shaving Cream:

CVS has unscented ones available. Check both men’s & women’s aisles.

Kitchen Cleaner:

The best for cleaning up grease and dirt is:

Seventh Generation Natural All Purpose Cleaner, Free & Clear

(the orange oil ones are truly obnoxious scented and don’t work as well anyway. You can use the Seventh Generation for inside the oven, too. Don’t use conventional oven cleaners. They are truly toxic! and Simple Green doesn’t work well and has some kind of scent, also).

Bathroom Cleaners:

Seventh Generation All Purpose Cleaner, Free & Clear

Seventh Generation Window cleaner, Free & Clear (for mirrors, or use vinegar)

Bar Keeper’s Friend

Bon Ami


Seventh Generation Window Cleaner, Free & Clear

Vinegar, diluted with water


There are many natural unscented ones in natural food stores that do not contain fragrance, but may have some plant extracts. These are ok or use the crystal rock ones.

Mouth Wash:

Natural food stores have some natural ones that are less chemical and less fumy, or just don’t use any.


Natural ones are better as they have no artificial colors or flavors and are less chemical.

Hair Sprays:

Don’t use!! Don’t use hair coloring or spray in hair products as they are all chemical and scented and bad for the environment and bad for the people around you.

Hand Sanitizer:

Can only be found in natural food stores:

EO unscented hand sanitizer, or use unscented aloe vera and add rubbing alcohol, as that is all it is.


Even Walmart carries unscented, sensitive skin ones, though they have preservatives.

Air Fresheners:

Don’t use!! Air out & clean instead, or put plain baking soda in a bowl and set out.

Scented Candles:

Don’t use!

Furniture polisher:

Don’t use or find some unscented oil one instead or finish your furniture with acrylic finish so it doesn’t need a polish.

Dog Shampoo:

Earthbath Mango Tango (does not have fragrance but does have mango extracts)

Tropiclean hypoallergenic dog/puppy shampoo — truly natural, made with coconut.